Mr Giles joins the Rhinestone Family

Theresa McCaffrey

He won't be serving you in the shop though,  Mr Giles is our 2yr Quarter Horse (Giles to his friends).


I have been very fortunate to have good friends that have been willing to let me ride their quarter horses over the years and I have learnt so much from the people and their fabulous horses, but like any equestrian I really wanted my own.


Given it has taken me forever to persuade my husband that there will never be a good time to buy horse (we will never have enough money, or enough time but  life is short so we should just do it anyway!!), I needed to make sure we found the perfect pony.


I'm not asking much, I just need a horse that is quiet and steady but an awesome show horse, needs to be talented enough for the discipline I plan to compete in but also patient enough for Mark and I to improve our riding, show ready but pleasant and safe to hack out.


As the Rhinestone store happens to be at a Western Horse show venue I have spent several years watching the horses, so I had pretty good idea about what I wanted.  I wanted a Blaze baby (Blazin Chic Olena) and a Gelding that I could call Mr Giles (our pets have Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed names - it’s a geeky thing).  Of course I got totally distracted with a lovely Black Mare (Black Beauty childhood fantasies took over) and I very nearly purchased her until I saw Giles and remembered my grown up wish list.


I feel totally confident that Mr Giles is the right horse for us having been advised by David and Sarah Deptford who have been breeding and showing Quarter horse's for 20+ years and talking to their clients who will all say what a good job the Deptford's do at matching horses to people.  I can't wait to spend the winter working with Mr Deptford and Mr Giles in the friendly SQH barn.


So,  if you find me looking out the store window towards the arena, I'm probably not watching the show but looking into Giles's stable.


How did you choose your horse? What advice would you give to others looking for the perfect pony?