Post Christmas Bargain Hunting Strategies

Theresa McCaffrey

We all love a deal so let's consider some post-Christmas bargain hunting strategies:

Strategy 1.

Get up really early and join the queue that has already formed at the store, it probably won't matter how early as there are always people in the queue ahead of you (they must camp outside the night before).  That's OK though, we are tough bargain hunters, we don't mind standing in the wind and rain for a while!

Once the staff are kind enough to open the doors and let you into the store to buy their products the scrum begins.  The store that you regularly shop in the rest of the year, that is well laid out and gives you room to casually browse; today has become a competitive jumble sale, there are no rules, its every man, woman and child for themselves.

Congratulations though you pick up the bargains and haul your bounty back to the car/bus/train, and proudly hang everything in your wardrobe.  In about six months a number of your prized bargains, still with tags on,  will be bagged up for the charity shop.

Why? because in the frenzy of the sale you may have used 'bargain crazy' logic: 

"That's not really a colour that goes with anything else I wear but it's such a bargain I'll make it work or buy something later to go with it".

"A square cut neckline doesn't usually suit me but for X price I have to  have it"

"I'm a size 12 but after my January de-tox the size 10 will easily fit me"

Strategy 2.

Actually I have some variations on option 2 so let's call this 2a,

Stay up late Christmas day, then at midnight pick up your lap top/ipad/mobile.  Good, so far you haven't even left your seat.  Next, take a sip of Port (insert Christmas drink of choice) and start browsing your favorite stores, there's no queue,  everything is in the easy to find categories that you are used to but now with the all-important sale icon.

You're not rushed, no one is trying to get in front of you, you have the time to think about what you are buying.

Possible issues with option 2a: making buying decisions while under the influence or falling asleep on the sofa before midnight.

2b. As above but get up early boxing day and maybe switch the port for coffee (but hey it's Christmas we won't judge you!), settle down and repeat the steps in 2a.

The only danger here is that the people that can stay awake past 10:30 (not me!) might have snaffled all the bargains in your size.

I know which option I will choose… 2b, I know I'll fall asleep on the sofa before midnight and I might go for bucks fizz instead of coffee as it's NEVER too early for fizzy wine.