Equestrian Social Media Awards 2014

Theresa McCaffrey


We are very excited to have made it through to the finals of the 2014 Equestrian Social Media Awards in category 8 'For the Rider', a huge thank you for those that voted and supported our nomination in December.


The ESMA's started in 2010 and this year included 23 categories, nominations and initial voting began in December.  5,109 individual nominations were received.


Finalist were then chosen based on an initial round of voting including supporting statements and the judging panels assessment of how well the nominated organisations and individuals use social media, for example how engaging and useful is the information, how quickly do they respond to comments and many more criteria. 


That just leaves 200 finalist across 23 categories.


Why are these awards important?  The intention is to reward equestrians from around the world for their efforts to bring the industry closer together.  Plus - we all love winning stuff!


The participation in the ESMA's has steadily increased since they began and we at Rhinestone would encourage anyone to visit the ESMA site and vote for the individuals and organisations that are nominated for 2014.


Oh and in case you missed it - Category 8 - big hugs!