Are you a Budding Blogger?

Theresa McCaffrey


We all love to talk about our horses and the adventures we have with them, so why not write about your experiences to share with others.

Rhinestone Clothing has a fast growing following on social media and our blog, so we are inviting budding equestrian bloggers to send us your articles.

Each quarter we will award one of the posts a £50 voucher. We will choose the winning article based on our readers feedback i.e comments, shares & Likes.

If you have an article to publish that fits into one of the themes below, email the article and any pictures you have to us. We will then publish it on our blog and share through our social media sites (see rules).


Equestrian Adventures ~

This could include riding holidays, trail rides or clinics/training events that you have attended.


Equestrian Style, Colour & Trends  ~ 

Equestrian fashion articles, could include horse themed interior design, fashion for the rider/horse etc.


Events, Results and News ~

Articles about shows or equestrian events that you have enjoyed attending or you are organising.


Rules:  Submissions must meet our blogging quality standards in order to be published.


Articles should be your own work and original i.e if it has already been shared on another site or blog then we wouldn't be able to post it as it would be a duplicate and there's enough duplicate information out there on the web

Please don't republish your guest post to your own blog afterward or another blog (we really value original content and really don't like duplicate content), but you're more than welcome to link to it and share it like crazy.

We will check for plagiarism and cross posting, don't make us go all English school teacher on you!  You can of course quote other content provided you credit the original author.


Must be your own or you have the copyright to them.


You may include links to other sites provided they are relevant and good quality sites. No overt product placement (unless they are Rhinestone products then its totally ok). We reserve the right to delete any links that we deem to be spam.

Spam or low quality articles

Will not be published.


How to send us an article:

Please email your article to theresa@rhinestoneclothing.co.uk along with any appropriate pictures and your author bio (feel free to include a pic of yourself).

Once we have proof read the article, to ensure that it meets our guidelines above, we will publish it.


If your not sure if an article will be suitable please send us an outline and we can provide feedback before you write the whole thing.