Amazing Trail Rides; I wish I had the courage to do!

Theresa McCaffrey

A few days ago friends and I were discussing various options for seeing the Grand Canyon during our Vegas trip this year. We are still trying to decide on one that doesn't scare me, due to my completely RATIONAL fear of falling to my death.

Horseback was one of the first options mentioned and quickly dismissed (see rational fear above). The conversation got me thinking about other amazing rides I wish I had the courage to do!

So here is number 1. The aforementioned Grand Canyon ride, skip to about 5mins into the video that's where it gets interesting. Also, note how this large ride of tourists are completely silent. Maybe they are awestruck by the views or maybe paralysed by fear!



2. Cabalgata

I would love to go to Costa Rica but not on this ride! It has all my favourite things: horses, party atmosphere, music and alcohol. I'm just not sure I want all those things all at once on trail ride.




3.  Ice Festival Mongolia.

Looks amazing and Mongolia is most definitely on my list of riding holidays to do, I just have no desire to ride a horse on a frozen lake.



What amazing horse adventures have you had (for those of braver than me), or what adventures would you like to have?