Cowgirl Spirit at the Winter Olympics

Theresa McCaffrey

Kaitlyn Farrington first learned to snowboard in fifth grade, while she lived on a cattle ranch with her family in Idaho. While she has always been a country girl at heart, snowboarding is something she took great interest in, so she started working her way up in the industry through various competitions.



Each time she was required to travel somewhere for a competition, her parents would sell a few of their cows to raise enough money to send her. At one time, Kaitlyn’s parents handled more than 200 heads of cattle- today they don’t have any. But they’re quite happy with what they got in exchange for selling those cows. To this day, Kaitlyn’s cowgirl spirit seems to shine through in everything she does.


Kaitlyn made the United States Olympic Snowboarding Team, finishing seventh, in 2010. She really started to pick up steam when she impressed everyone in both the X Games, winning gold in 2010 and silver in 2011.  

She also became the 2010 Dew Tour champion and the Sprint U.S. Grand prix champion in 2012. Other notable accomplishments of Kaitlyn’s include wining silver at the Junior World Championships, coming in fourth at the FIS World Championships in 2013.

But her most important accomplishment by far was bringing home the gold medal for women’s halfpipe snowboarding in Sochi’s 2014 Olympics. She didn’t even qualify for the competition until she was able to nail her final run in the Olympics qualifiers, which took place about a month before the Olympics began.

Even so, after two stylish runs, 24 year old Kaitlyn Farrington earned her gold medal and afterward was quoted as saying “I was stoked I landed my run, and to have to watch all the other Olympians come down.” Her accomplishments are sure to be talked about for some time to come.