Tweed Run

Theresa McCaffrey

Tweed Run Washington, D.C. 02

London Tweed Run the Most Enjoyable Day in Biking

In all of sport there is no other event that is quite like the London Tweed Run. If you are a world class cyclist with the drive to always finish at the top; this event may not be for you. Spend a day harking back to heyday of cycling. In times more civilized, gentleman and ladies of position often whiled away their leisure time by cycling through the streets of London, stopping for refreshments and the social graces as etiquette required. This event brings back those more elegant times.

Bring your favourite racing bike or break out your vintage velocipede all are welcome and remember that the words overdressed are not in the Tweed Run vocabulary.

What to Wear

Tweed suits complete with bowties or cravats, plus fours, and jaunty flat caps are all highly encouraged as are the traditional hip flask. Two of the most highly sought after prizes are the Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman Awards. You should be aware that the competition is stiff so wear your best.

A Wonderful Day

The day of cycling begins with a ride through the heart of Old London past some of the most iconic landmarks the city has to offer. Then spend some leisure, social time having tea al fresco, remember to pack your basket and bring your blanket. After the joys of afternoon tea, life’s most civilized tradition, the ride continues to the finish line.

The day is not finished though as, in the best Victorian tradition the day would not be complete without a little Champs to enliven the evening.

Nothing to Wear

If you want to ride the London Tweed Run but have nothing vintage to wear or if traditional tweeds just aren’t your taste. Have a look at the Liberty Freedom Collection from Rhinestone Clothing. It gives you the wear anywhere comforts of tweeds but with a, punk inspired flare. It is truly a magnificent blend of the traditional and modern that is the perfect combination for this event.