Trent Johnson flies in for Western Equestrian National Show

Theresa McCaffrey

World-renowned hatmaker Trent Johnson is making a special UK appearance this week at the Western Equestrian National Show.

Between August 23rd and 25th at Morton Morrell, Warwickshire, he'll be showcasing hisfamous felt hats and explaining why the western hat is just as important an accessory now as it has been in centuries gone by.

So with the Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching, why not pop along to the show to watch some of the top western riders, while also admiring the fantastic clothing on offer?

Trent is usually based in Denver at the Greeley Hat Works, but for one weekend only you can come find out more about this impressive craft and how he makes a top quality western hat.

The entire process takes around six hours, but this time is spread over several days due to the heating and cooling processes involved.

Using a conformateur, an antique head measuring advice, from around 1909 Trent places it on the customer’s head and gives a paper pattern of the exact shape.

He then has to make the pattern life size and the colour, quality and style is then determined.

After a highly-skilled process of steaming, soaking, ironing, pressing, cutting and sanding he is then left to complete the finishing touches, sewing in the sweatband and back bow before steaming and re-pressing the hat to fit the shape of the client’s head.

 A buckle is then added, before a satin line is put in and the finished hat is creased to your liking.

To meet Trent and view his amazing western hats, head to the Western Equestrian National Show for an extravaganza of all things horse-related, helping you really feel like you’re back home on the range.

With something for everyone you can enjoy the diverse mix of stalls, witness the competitive riding events or even learn more about horsecare and riding skills.