Rocking those cowboy boots

Theresa McCaffrey

When it comes to cowboy clothing, it is all about the details. The jeans have to be hardwearing but durable, the hat needs to be firm but easy on the head and the shirt needs to be stylishly plaid but able to cope with life on the ranch.

Naturally then, finishing off this aesthetic are cowboy boots. Without a pair of robust, leather footwear, you are going to seriously fall short in how you look.

The type of boots you go for is important and investing in a solid, reliable and durable pair will make all the difference. Not only are they practical but they look brilliant.

Consider these Hotwire black cowboy boots by Ariat. They are restrained enough to go with any outfit but equally offer real individuality through the exquisite green pattern that runs up the sides of the boots.

They possess all the characteristics needed for the modern man, including strength, stability and style. You cannot ask for much more than that.

While they offer cowboys a lot of freedom – they pretty much go with most items of clothing – for a real impact, go for a coordinated look. When you create harmony with clothes people will notice.

In which case, opt for a classic black western hat that has a little bit of detail added to it. A subtle sliver buckle around the rim of the hat will accentuate your look.

This uniformity can then be contrasted superbly with a bold shirt. When it comes to black, red is usually a perfect opposite. Both are powerful colours, resulting in a bold look that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

The great thing about cowboy boots is that they are built for all seasons. Whether it is traversing through the snow during the winter or pounding across dry earth during the summer, one thing is certain – your feet will be well looked after.