Fenland show riders dress to impress

Theresa McCaffrey

The August Fenland Quarter Horse event showcased the best of British riders and equestrian talent, with an added emphasis on style.

With nearly 40 circuit awards to choose from, entrants of all levels put on a great show and embraced western riding.

It wasn't just the impressive techniques which gained attention though, as the competitor's wardrobes played a huge part in allowing them to look and feel the part as they rode out on their horses.

When you're out in the show arena it is vitally important that you don't overlook any details in your performance or turnout. You wouldn't let your horse appear poorly groomed and neither should you be.

Coordinate your clothing with your horse's tack and remember to check the rulebook to make sure of what you can and cannot wear while competing, as different events may not have the same regulations.

Quality clothing will last you for years so it is important to invest in not only your wardrobe, but your future success.

Do some research before picking your look, especially when it comes to the colour. You will want to flatter your horse's coat, while also standing out from the crowd in something you both feel comfortable in.

Horses with red hair, such as chestnut, sorrel and rose grey breeds suit earthy shades including brown, sand, peach, green and terracotta hues, while brunette horses may look better in bay, white or black shades and neutral or light-haired horses suit earthy or jewel-tone colours.

Bold colours and designs are a must too, as judges will be looking at you from at least 50ft away so your outfit needs to stand out from a distance too.

This Alaine shirt from the Wine Country Collection is perfect with its bold purple and blue check screen print, heat-set accents and soft feel.

Accessorise it with a cream-coloured western hat and dress up with a statement belt buckle and embellished jeans.