Buckle up

Theresa McCaffrey

As you climb onto your horse, put your boots in the stirrups and sit firmly on the saddle, don't forget to buckle up.

OK, so not exactly a safety feature - but having a statement buckle attached to your leather belt can be the perfect finishing touch to your cowgirl look.

Give your outfit some personality by dressing up your denim jeans with an eye-catching brass buckle in a unique design with colours and bejewelled embellishments.

This Wild Roses Heritage Attitude Buckle Frame would make a beautiful addition to your equestrian look, with its elegant, scalloped shape complete with etched trim and divots.

It features two filigree roses wrapped around an open frame buckle with bright pink stones decorating the centre of the flowers and around the edges.

The brass has a real classic feel to it with a darkly antiqued finish, giving it an aged, timeless look.

With protective coating to prevent tarnishing you needn't worry about maintenance from day to day. Instead simply give it the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

When riding you will want to keep accessories to a minimum, meaning practical and stylish additions such as a bold belt buckle are ideal.

Coordinate the pink stones with rhinestones on your denim jeans or a matching check shirt.

If pink isn't really your thing then you could opt for this sparkling Cowgirl Up buckle instead.  Wear this buckle with your favourite leather belt and match the sparkles with rhinestone studs across your jeans and a pair of neat diamante stud earrings.