Join the British Reining Championships this weekend Sept 28, 2013

Theresa McCaffrey

Sliding Stop Flachsberg.jpg
"Sliding Stop Flachsberg" by user:Borsi112 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


This weekend the British Reining Championships are heading to Kent for a two-day event filled with all the equestrian action you could wish for.

Between September 28th and 29th the Bodiam International Arena in Robertsbridge will play host to a full-reining show, with an awards ceremony, double judged show and British Reining plaques for all BR classes.

With judges Kerstin Burges and Laura Faris judging the best from the rest, it promises to be an exciting weekend for spectators - who also get to attend for free!

If you're hoping to compete then you need to ensure that you qualify for classes on the Championship Day on Sunday by competing in two classes of the division already over the weekend.

But whether you're a reining expert or not, there's plenty to be learned over the two days.

The sport itself is almost a Western form of dressage, requiring competitors to ride set patterns which demonstrate the unity of horse and riders. Originating from the athletic movements early American settlers used on their ranch horses it involves being able to move quickly, change direction and guide on a loose rein.

Reining is the first western discipline to gain International Federation for Equestrian Sport recognition, making it now part of the World Equestrian Games and European Equestrian Games programmes.

If you're an experienced rider then you're likely to gain huge enjoyment out of this sport, using stops, spins, rollbacks and circles to demonstrate agility and riding skill.

Fans of this riding style should check out Dean Dibsdall's new TV show on the Horse & Country channel, Reining Man, which shows the farrier and keen horseman learning the skills needed to compete in reining competitions.

Guided by leading western rider Shane Borland, the duo not only showcase impressive riding skills but they do it in style wearing denim jeans, boots, Ariat shirts and western hats from Rhinestone Clothing!