Get to grip with riding gloves

Theresa McCaffrey

Riding gloves are essential all year round they can improve your grip, while also protecting your hands from rain, cold and sun burn.

The Ariat Pro Grip Leather Insulated Gloves are ideal for this purpose with their reinforced stress points for grip and durability.

Made from the finest sheepskin leather with a warm fleece lining they boast articulated fingers for a smooth and enhanced fit, as well as a ribbed cuff to help with heat retention.

Riding gloves are a dual purpose accessory, both protecting your hands and keeping them warm in colder weather.

In rain, wind or snow your hands can quickly become less flexible, failing to properly hold the reins. Therefore it is important to have a trusty pair of riding gloves to keep them warm and improve your movement.

Available in a versatile black they look great on both men and women and can be coordinated with any outfit, working well with raincoats, suede jackets or even simply a shirt and jeans combo.

With autumn fast approaching this is a great time to winter-proof your riding outfit, opting for durable items such as gloves and an all-weather jacket.

It is always best to avoid going for a ride when the weather is bad, as this isn't safe for you or your horse, but if you do have to take your horse out then make sure you tell others of your route and are fully prepared.

Keeping a phone, torch and compass with you might seem a tad excessive, but it could prove a big help should you get lost or find yourself in trouble.