Dress to impress with show shirts

Theresa McCaffrey

Dress to impress with show shirts

After spending months building up a bond with your horse and practicing your winning techniques over and over again, it’s time to give some consideration to your show wardrobe.

In the run up to any big competition you need to think about what you will be wearing to impress the judges.

A good show shirt has an important function to play, helping to make you look presentable and professional, while also ensuring that you stand out from the other riders for all the right reasons.

They should cover the top half of your body and coordinate well with not only your horse’s colouring but also the colour scheme you have chosen in the rest of your outfit.

Pick a design which captures your personality and allows you to convey an impression of confidence – even if you’re secretly shaking underneath, don’t let it show!

Button-down options with small embroidered logos and western details are always classics, but feel free to experiment with different colours or sparkly details to suit your personal style.

Show shirts should create a smooth silhouette which, whether worn layered over a t-shirt or alone, needs to allow for freedom of movement while on the horse.

Practical and stylish, your shirt needs to be a help rather than a hindrance as you’re riding.

Long sleeves are a must and don’t forget to tuck them into your jeans for a comfortable and presentable fit.

Many riders use safety pins to keep their shirt in place or prevent their top button from flying open while riding. Press studs are great for this too as they stay firm throughout your ride.

Choose cotton materials which are long-lasting, hardwearing and won’t irritate your skin through prolonged wearing.