Olympic dressage winner brands tracksuits as "comical"

Theresa McCaffrey

The 2012 London Olympic Games was a veritable triumph for Team GB and dressage formed part of this success.

Great Britain had a clean sweep in the event claiming gold medals in both the individual and team disciplines. Charlotte Dujardin was key part of this claiming the top prize in her right while also playing an important role in the team alongside Carl Hester and LauraBechtolsheimer. They were able to fight off competition from the likes of Germany and the Netherlands to come away from Greenwich Park successful.

While the moment was one of the crowning glories in Dujardin's career she joked that the outfits they had to wear were somewhat ridiculous. Discussing her style and fashion trends in an interview with the Express the Olympic gold medallist said that the team's outfits for the opening ceremony were a sight to behold.

She told the newspaper: "The white tracksuits we wore for the opening ceremony were quite comical as they seemed to have been designed for 18-year-olds and our dressage and showjumping riders come in all shapes and sizes."

Dujardin added that when it comes to dressage costumes it is all about longevity and comfort. Breeches can reach to £150 while people can pay up to £800 for riding boots but it is worth it if you want that extra quality. While she adds that some of her dressage clothing is some of the most expensive in her wardrobe she describes her Olympic outfits as being "priceless".

2012 was a huge success for the 28-year-old, as not only did she win the gold medal in London she also claimed the title at the 2012 World Cup freestyle event at Olympia in West Kensington. She has carried this form into 2013 winning the Grand Prix Special in the European Dressage Championships in Herning, Denmark.