Charlotte Dujardin reveals her fashion secrets

Theresa McCaffrey

The elite British dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin has revealed that while most of her time she will be wearing riding gear, she likes to make an effort with fashion.

Speaking to the Express, Ms Dujardin, who won two gold medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games, said that she quite enjoys glamming up her look because she usually dons sporty items.

It doesn’t really matter about colours, as she tends to find that most hues suit her, but she is nevertheless fond of red and bright tints, adding that you can never go wrong with black.

“I love seeing what the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing,” she told the newspaper. “She always looks elegant and glamorous without going over the top. Everyone can look at her and think, ‘I could wear that.’ The Queen always looks fantastic, too.”

The Duchess is known for her sartorial versatility. One minute she can be kitted out in a sophisticated evening dress and the next moment she can be spotted in denim jeans and plaid shirt, as she was in 2011, when on a trip to Calgary.

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When it comes to style, Ms Dujardin says be comfortable in what you wear because that is something that comes across. If you find a type of clothing uncomfortable or it doesn’t fit in with your normal style, people will notice.

“I have a new wardrobe so I’ve just had a massive clear-out,” she said in her interview with the Express.

“I do try to keep it under control but I always think I’ll find a use for something in the future. I love collecting dressage jackets though. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with those so I never get rid of them.”