Get the style right for a trail show

Theresa McCaffrey

A trail show can be the pinnacle of your horse riding career and if you specialise in this discipline then you will want to look your best.

The main focus of the routine is the horse but that doesn't mean you can't dress for the occasion. While the judges will be looking at how well your horse is able to manoeuvre around the course and over obstacles you can still leave a lasting impression with the outfit you decide to adorn that day.

Remember though, there is a big difference between dressing for a local or regional show and smartening up for a national, world or futurities. If you are competing in the former then you should opt for western chaps with a blouse or slinky top and you can then choose whether you want to add a vest or short jacket.

Its all about freedom of movement when you are dressing for trail events as you will need to open gates. Vests and other less restrictive apparel but will also ensure that you maintain a great look while competing. Make sure you add gloves along with western boots and a western hat include a striking belt buckle.

You will also need to colour coordinate depending what shade your horse so make sure you have the appropriate coloured outfit. This goes for not only your outfit but the saddle blanket as well.

If you are preparing for a national event then you need to follow the same pattern but just make more of an effort when it comes to showmanship. Make your garments much more elaborate by introducing rhinestones, sequins, beads and fancy trims. As you are at a much more major show you need to make a lasting impression with the judges.

Trail events can be something that you have trained your whole life to attend and by combining the right outfit with excellent horse riding skills you are sure to wow your audience.