Colour coordinate your cowboy look

Theresa McCaffrey

Picking the right style for your cowboy look can be the make or break of an outfit when at horse shows.

Whether you are simply attending or competing you need to be able to make an impression and one easy way in which you can achieve this is by having the right colour coordination. It is an absolute must. Don't fret however as this does not require hours upon hours of picking the right shades and whether they match the look you are going for. It is something that can be simple and effortless if done right.

An array of western clothing offers you a number of ways that you can show off your style and be heightened if you are competing. You should complement the shade of your horse and wear clothes that are appropriate and not garish. While you should be dressing for yourself always keep your steed in mind when picking out the colours.

For instance, if you are riding a Redhead horse such as a Chestnut, Sorret, Liver Chestnut, Red Roan or dun then soft earth tones such as chocolate, caramel and sand perfectly complements the horse's natural colour. Likewise with steeds in the Brunette Group such as Bay, Black, White, Gray and Blue Roan would look great with a rider adorning red, pink or purple.

It is all about balance when it comes to colour coordination and when you get it right you will be turning heads at the latest horse shows. Don't forget though that style also plays a major part in completing the overall look and you should complement the colourful shirt with some appropriate chaps and hat.

If you are planning to wear dark colours this helps to minimise while if you are choosing light shades then these will emphasise and illuminate. While you want to impress a judge during a dressage competition you should also show the audience a bit of showmanship by picking outfit that will stand out from the rest.