Buckle up for the Horse of the Year Show

Theresa McCaffrey

Heading to the Horse of the Year Show this month? If you are then you are going to need to look the part.

This five-day event, kicking off on October 9th at Birmingham's NEC, brings together the very best in international and homegrown showjumpers and riders. It is one of the biggest dates on the equestrian calendar and for those of you attending then you will want to be looking the part while watching some of the top competitors in the business.

While you will no doubt have your jeans, blouse and boots all sorted but something that you may be forgetting is a statement belt buckle. It can be a real striking addition to your ensemble and you have a wealth of option when it comes to picking out a western belt buckle. They come in all shapes and sizes but you need to find one that you feel comfortable with, as you will be wearing it for a full day.

The great thing about a belt buckle is you can make a real statement, especially when picking out a western style one. Don't be afraid to get edgy with these accessories and show off your love for the sport. However, remember that not all buckles will suit the type of belt you have and your choice will be dependent on the width of your belt.

Normally straight western belts are 1.5 inches wide, while this drops down to 1.25 inches when wearing a tapered belt. Women and children normally opt for the latter as it presents less bulk at the waist but it all depends on your shape and what look you are aiming to achieve.

The western belt bulk can be the crowning glory of your outfit complementing your jeans and whatever shirt or blouse you choose to wear. Especially at an event like the Horse of the Year Show where you will be around thousands of like-minded enthusiasts.