Equestrian-inspired Christmas gifts

Theresa McCaffrey

It is precarious to get too comfortable when it comes to Christmas shopping as before you know it, Christmas Eve is here and you have not even made any progress in purchasing gifts for family members and friends.

You've still got plenty of time, so get your thinking cap on and start jotting down ideas about what to get people. Really dedicate some time to thinking about this seriously, as more often than not, you can fall into the trap of buying something for the sake of it.

Ideally, in tune with the spirit of Christmas, the presents you give the people who hold a special place in your hearts should have sentiment behind it. It should suggest that you understand what that person likes and that you do indeed pay attention.

For lovers of all things equestrian, both male and female, there is a plethora of amazing gifts to choose from, which will certainly put a smile on someone's face on Christmas morning.

Jewellery that is suggestive of cowboys, life on the ranch and horses is a brilliant way to make someone's experience of Christmas a memorable one, as such items can be used throughout the year.

On trend is this "air of heaven" wrap leather bracelet, which is 100 per cent made from hand. That's always good to know because it suggests real artisanship – you simply cannot beat that. The bracelet comes with the beautiful strapline: "The air of heaven is that which flows between a horse's ears."

Continuing with the theme of forearm accessories, this stirrup bracelet, which utilises the foot support that holds a cowboy in place on a horse and repurposes it as a link in bracelet form. It is original in every way going and a distinct gift to say the least.

Finally, as a truly memorable gift, why not give a loved one this horseshoe pendant, which is embedded with lavish crystals. It comes with a polished finish, making it truly shine like a diamond.