Invest in a cowboy hat

Theresa McCaffrey

The global pop megastar Beyonce was born in Houston Texas, and while she is famous the world over for being an R&B diva, she is a country girl at heart.

While that may not be evident in her music – yet – stylistically and spiritually, she has never left her roots.

In terms of fashion, this is something she is keen on passing on to her young daughter Blue Ivy. In a very cute photograph posted on Instagram, she has placed a very big cowboy hat over her child.

It is certainly not a surprise, given how much of a staple item the hat is in her wardrobe – she is often snapped wearing one and across a whole load of different set-ups.

This winter, take inspiration from Beyonce and consider adding a cowboy hat to your accessory range. Revel in the brilliance of equestrian inspired style that is inimitable, easy to pull-off and a showstopper to say the least.

The classic hat is defined by its high-crowned, wide-brim, helping cement its individuality among all headgear, forever associated with ranchers in North America, but now universally adored.

Consider this traditional version as a starter if you are new to cowboy hats. It has a soft black hue, is made of quality roan leather and is expertly finished off with a self band and discreet silver buckle with a clear stone.

A very strong look, it is definitely a statement piece and moreover, it is great with pretty much any outfit you go for. The colour helps this but so too the fit – it is noticeable but understated.

At the end of the day, you want a cowboy hat to complement the clothes you are wearing, not reduce them into significance. It is about balance, and certainly, this helps deliver the right balance between originality and the habitual norm.