World Equestrian Games 2014 – Reining profile

Alice-Rose Brown

World Equestrian Games 2014 – Reining profile

This sport comes to us from the USA and originates from the skills the horses used by cowboys to herd cattle needed to complete their tasks.

The 2014 World Equestrian Games Reining team is a real family affair with Jessica Sternberg joining the team along with her aunt and uncle Francesca Sternberg and Doug Allen. Josh Collins is the fourth member of the team and Shane Borland will be competing as an individual.

What is Reining?

The modern sport of Reining is designed to show the skills and athletic ability of a western type of horse. The event takes place in an arena and similarly to a Dressage test, horse and rider are required to perform a certain pattern of movements.

Large fast circles, small slow circles, rein back, flying lead changes, roll back, 360° spins, and thrilling sliding stops are all moves you’ll see during a Reining competition.

What happens during the World Equestrian Games?

The team and individual competitions will be run over two days and the winners are decided on the second day.

Each horse and rider combination will perform the same routine or “pattern” in front of five judges and all riders start with a score of 70. Judges then award or deduct points for individual movements in ½ point increments.

After the initial qualification round the top 15 individual riders will go through to the final. Riders ranked 16-35 take part in a second qualifying round and the top five will also qualify for the final.

In the final the 20 qualifying riders will perform their “pattern” in reverse order to their qualifying scores, so the top rider will perform last. The rider with the highest score will be crowned the winner.

The team

The horse and rider combinations for the Reining team haven’t yet been announced, but here’s more about the riders:

Doug Allen: Doug has over 20 years’ experience with Western horses and Reining competitions. He has represented Great Britain three times in the World Equestrian Games and is married to fellow team member Francesca Sternberg.

Francesca Sternberg: Francesca has been showing Western horses since 1998 and has been concentrating solely on Reining for the past 10 years. She has represented Team GBR in three previous World Equestrian Games.

Jessica Sternberg: the baby of the team and niece of Doug and Francesca, Jessica has been competing in Reining since she was 14. As well as competing at an international level she also finds time to study a Marketing and Communications degree at Goldsmiths, London.

Josh Collins: another young rider Josh has previously represented Great Britain in junior competitions. Last year he competed in the FEI European Reining Championships and this year became Intermediate Non Pro Champion.

Shane Borland: Shane is competing as an individual at this year’s Games and is originally from Zimbabwe. He has previously represented South Africa in two World Equestrian Games.