World Equestrian Games 2014 – Eventing profile

Alice-Rose Brown


The British Eventing team has already had some setbacks, with two of its top riders having to withdraw due to injury, but the world class replacements should put the team back on track.

The 2014 World Equestrian Games British Eventing team are: Tina Cook, William Fox-Pitt, Zara Phillips, Harry Meade, Nicola Wilson, and Oliver Townend.

What is Eventing?

Also known as “three day eventing” this discipline has three phases spread over four days of competition. The sport was originally developed as an army training exercise and each combination will compete in Dressage, Cross-country, and Showjumping.

What happens at the World Equestrian Games?

The first two days sees competitors take part in the Dressage competition. Their overall percentage score is then converted into penalty points that are taken forward to the second phase – Cross-country.

Day three is Cross-country day where combinations have to tackle a number of solid fences spread over a course. Penalties can be incurred for a refusal, a run-out, or exceeding the allotted time. If a horse or rider falls they are eliminated from the rest of the competition.

The final day is the Showjumping phase where each horse and rider has to tackle obstacles against the clock in an arena. Penalties are given for having a fence down, the horse refusing or running out, or being over the allotted time. As with the Cross-country any fall results in elimination.

At the end all penalties will be added up and the combination with the lowest penalties will be crowned the winners. To decide the winning team the top three scores from each team are combined.

The team

Tina Cook & De Novo News: a well-known face in the Eventing world her most successful horse, Miners Frolic, was retired earlier this year and her new combination with De Novo News is looking promising.

William Fox-Pitt & Chilli Morning: formerly ridden by Eventing legend Mary King Chilli Morning has gone from strength to strength since moving to William’s Dorset based yard. This combination is one to watch!

Nicola Wilson & Annie Clover: another rider that has recently retired her top horse, Nicola Wilson thinks that Annie Clover could be just as successful as her previous ride, the famous Opposition Buzz.

Zara Phillips & High Kingdom: not letting becoming a mother earlier this year stop her Zara Phillips has consistently been placed in the top 20 at prestigious competitions including Braham and Chatsworth.

Harry Meade & Wild Lone: originally a reserve rider Harry Meade has risen to the challenge, and a devastating injury to both elbows in 2013, to earn the moniker of “come back King” in the Eventing world.

Oliver Townend & Black Tie II: a European Championships favourite, this is the second time Oliver Townend has competed in the World Equestrian Games. He previously competed in 2006 partnered with Flint Curtis.