World Equestrian Games 2014 – Endurance profile

Alice-Rose Brown


An Endurance competition tests the strengths and capability of horse and rider, as well as the rider’s ability to manage the horse’s stamina and fitness across the course.

Representing Team GBR at this year’s World Equestrian Games are Anna Williams, Annette Masterson, Annie Joppe, Beth Langley, and Catriona Moon.

What is Endurance?

In an Endurance competition horse and rider compete against the distance, the climate, the terrain, and the clock.

The aim of the competition is to get to the end of the course in the shortest amount of time. However, the horse must pass the final vet’s inspection so competitors are not encouraged to push their horses too far.

Although many horses used in Endurance riding are Arabs, or Arab crosses, they can be any breed and are eligible to compete once they are over eight years old.

What happens at the World Equestrian Games?

The Endurance competition takes place on one day and the course is 160km, which is some distance to ride in a day!

There are six phases in an Endurance competition, with five “vet gates” spread across the course that each competitor must pass through. Horses are inspected at the vet gates and they must be declared fit before they are allowed to continue.

The individual winner is the horse and rider combination that completes the course in the shortest time and passes the final vets inspection. The winning team is determined by combining the times of the fastest three riders in each team. These three riders must also have passed the final vets inspection to have their scores included.

The team

Anna Williams & Crystal Wissam: Anna was a British junior champion; however she has been working abroad for 12 years, so this is her first senior championship. She partners 11 year old gelding Crystal Wissam who is owned by her mother, Jane Williams.

Annette Masterson & Millennium Chorus: with over 40 years riding experience Annette is bringing a wealth of knowledge to the World Equestrian Games. She’ll be riding Millennium Chorus, half-brother to her previous World Endurance Championships horse, El Sabio.

Annie Joppe & Dilmun: Annie was originally a showjumper, then eventer, before moving on to Endurance fourteen years ago. She’ll be riding Dilmun, a 15 year old Arab gelding, and her husband, Robert Joppe, is part of her crew.

Beth Langley & HS Ametista: Beth holds the record for the highest placed young rider at World and European level and this really is a family affair for Beth. Her mother, brother, and father are part of her competition crew. This year her ride is HS Ametista, a 14hh part-bred Arab mare.

Catriona Moon & Leila: having competed at young rider level Catriona is now taking part in the World Equestrian Games for the first time. Her ride is Leila, a 14.2hh grey mare, whom Catriona owns herself.