2014 Rhinestone guide to Equestrian Fashion

Theresa McCaffrey

If you want to be in high fashion for all of your Equestrian activities, as well as just look great all of the time, here are some of the trends we are seeing in 2014:

Black and White Dichotomy in Western Style

The black and white look is in in the equestrian world in 2014. Usually seen with a neutral off-white top and long, elegant western-style black skirt, this style looks sylish enough to do dinner in Manhattan while also telling the world you're an Equestrian. It can be dressed up or down with riding glove and a riding hat for extra flair.


Since this year is the sign of the horse in the Chinese calendar, it has inspired a lot of hype in the equestrian styles. Big fashion brand names like Gucci, Hermes, and Ralph Lauren have focused on dress jackets and luxe leather apparel to accent the trend, and the colors prominent in 2014 are nude, white, and black, accented with occasional pops of red and rich brown leather. The result is a rich but fun and high-fashion style which is sure to get the attention of style-conscious admirers, as well as true Equestrians.


Clean lines and fitted silhouettes are the key to staying in with the trends and the main thing is to just have fun with the look. Think like a rider but don't be afraid to dress it up a bit.


There are trends which go out after a season or two, and those that stick around. The Equestrian look, though hot this year due to the attention it's getting in the media due to the Chinese new year, is bound to stick around for a long time and appeals to horse show buffs and just anyone who loves that rustic western but high-fashion look!


Most of all, when thinking about how to wear this style, think like a cowgirl and just have fun. Try different hats, boots, and gloves to accent the jacket and scarves you purchased for a complete look in Equestrian style. Many of these styles can be worn in the ring or out, and they say a lot about your love for horses and the western ways.

Don't focus too much on high dollar trends, but instead try what appeals to you and what is within your budget. You may find you enjoy dressing in this style all of the time and it can help your image, especially if you are a true Equestrian horse show person.

Don't forget the jewelry! Wear a nice western bracelet or pendant with rhinestones and sequins to complete the look!