Face of Rhinestone Clothing 2014

Theresa McCaffrey

This year we invited readers of Western Horse UK to submit their nominations to become the Face of Rhinestone 2014.  Contestants posted onto our Facebook page to say why they should be the Face of Rhinestone, we had some great entries and it was really tough to choose just one winner.

After much deliberation we chose Helena Ryan.  Here is Helena's entry:

Can I be the Rhinestone Clothing model for a day. WHY ????
"There once was a Cowgirl so forlorn,
All of her jeans were so Worn.
So to get all the styles,
She travels 750 miles (1 way),
And ends up like the Queen of Rhinestone !"
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ....... I am dressed from head (Greeley hat works) to toe (Ariat boots, 2 pairs every WES nationals) by Rhinestone clothing ............................

Helena then visited the our store to for the Face of Rhinestone photo shoot with photographer Paul Carley - PC Images.

Many thanks Helena for being a great model and thanks to Paul for the great photo's.