2013 Western/Equestrian Style

Theresa McCaffrey

With today's versatile fashion world, there's really no costume de rigueur. Specifically, you don't have to be a cowgirl to giddy-up in western fashion. The equestrian world of fashion and mainstream fashion equally influence one another for a great western look.

Just like the rest of the fashion world, the equestrian clothing trends for 2013 are saddling up for a lot more than the usual breeches and polos. European styling and high tech fabrics are just a few of new trends for 2013. The European styling of contrasted piping and stitching along with the addition of logos are some of the featured trends. Microfiber fabrics are destined to offer more comfort and better performance.

Instead of the traditional wool for show jackets, there will high tech stretch fabrics for jumping and dressage. Top brands like Grand Prix, Ovation and Horze will be sporting more moisture wicking materials for their riding shirts instead of the traditional cotton. In addition, you'll be seeing zip front shirts instead of the usual button down shirts. Colors will be brighter with sleek stripes, the latest retro look and even some paintball looks. Traditional choker collars have been revamped to integrate with the wrap collar, and collars will be touch magnetic. Top it off with lighter helmets that have slimmer profiles, and equestrian fashion is ready for the gallop debut.

Equestrian Inspired Fashion From head to toe, equestrian inspired fashion is highly visible in mainstream fashion. Banana Republic features a wide range of riding blazers that are ideal for a pair of jeans or dressy slacks. Pair it with horse-bit ballet flats or a double-buckle bootie, and you'll be donning a western style without having to ride horse back.



Even top designers like Ralph Lauren are featuring waist-defining jackets with suede elbow patches and figure-flattering slacks with horsey hardware. Lux leather boots by Toy Burch feature some equestrian glam with authentic-looking equestrian hardware. With this socialize-turned-designer boots, non-cowgirls can ride high in style.


With the equestrian athletes being voted the top-dressed competitors in the Summer Olympics 2012, equestrian mainstream fashion has followed up with a new harvest of garb, handbags and baubles inspired by the equestrian life. Mainstream fashion for 2013 will have a fashionable twist on traditional equestrian styles with brighter colors in jackets, feed bag-style hobos with equestrian designs and costume jewelry with the sport's typical motifs.

In 2013, a great gait for western style in mainstream fashion will equal a colorful riding jacket, western-style cotton blouse and a pair of leather-trimmed jeans. Western style definitely reflects a streetwise twist on the traditional equestrian style. Bling is definitely in with this year's Cowgirl Tuff and Ariat blue jeans. These top equestrian brands are sporting skinny and boot-cut jeans embellished with crystals, leopard trimmed pockets and silver stitching. Cowgirl's vintaged washed pink and coral hoodies are an ideal match for these figure-fitting jeans. Boot it up with Ariat's new colorful western boots, and a modern equestrian look is born.

Even though the styles and colors may change, it is apparent that the equestrian style will continue to play a huge role in mainstream fashion.