Cowgirls for a Cause

Theresa McCaffrey

We are pleased to say that our first delivery of clothing from Cowgirls for a Cause will be arriving very soon.

 A unique collection of apparel, accessories and gifts for every horse lover both English and Western.

Cowgirls for a Cause began when Tricia Meteer and Wanda Goldberg discovered their mutual love for horses. Tricia is a fine art and wedding photographer living in Fallbrook, CA. Wanda is an actress, stunt woman and mom living just a few miles away in a near by town. The inspiration for the unique line for apparel, accessories and gifts came to them when they were riding their horses, Cigar and Hemi.

Their passion for horse and dog rescue spurred them on to begin the collection in early 2012, donating a portion of all proceeds to benefiting hoofs and paws!   

This year, Cowgirls for a Cause is helping raise funds to restore the Coyote Canyon Wild horse Heritage Herd to their home ranges, in San Diego and Riverside county's BLM Beauty Mountain region. This Heritage herd are icons of our unique local cultural evolution from Spanish occupation, Native American Ranching, and Pioneering western settlement. The last herd of Southern California wild horses were removed in 2003 by a management plan oversight.

Only four stallions remain from of this herd and are being "fostered" in captivity by Coyote Canyon Caballos D'Anza (CCCDA) near Warner Springs. Our vision is to return them to their natural, free-roaming ranges and restore their genetic viability for future generations . 
The distinction between wild mustangs and the Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd is their direct evolution from Colonial Spanish Horses which were sequestered by local tribes since the late 1700s. The Herd's only known relatives are Utah's Sulphur Spring herd. BLM sent Sulphur foundation mares to enhance and ensure the Coyote Canyon herd's genetic future.

Visit their Facebook page, here.

Cowgirls for a cause are also donating funds to varies other horse and dog rescues in San Diego and Riverside County. 

One of their favorites is FalconRidge Horse rescue.  in Valley Center, CA. Founded by Nicki Branch and David Archer.  This team is dedicated to taking on the severely abused, behavior problem, or dangerous horses who were faced with being euthanized.  Please visit their site to make donations or rescue a horse.   


Remember to always live, love and ride!


Tricia Meteer & Wanda Goldberg


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