The best cowgirl boots in the west

Theresa McCaffrey

Cowgirl boots are a fantastic addition to any equestrian wardrobe, meeting a practical need for sturdy footwear while riding and working on a farm or ranch.


But, while they possess many functions, they are also very stylish, providing a popular way to make a statement whether you are a keen horse rider or not.


At Rhinestone Clothing we are focussed on high quality leather boots made from only the finest material for that authentic look and feel all cowgirls are looking for.


This form of footwear has been relied upon for generations as a hard-wearing, classic boot for all weathers, and while trends have come and gone they remain long-lasting investment pieces.


With sturdy heels and durable soles your cowgirl boots need to protect you from daily wear and tear.


Thanks to modern equestrian clothing brands these classic boots are now available in a range of colours from tan to chocolate shades - as well as brighter hues such as pink, blue and red.


We are proud to stock Ariat cowboy boots, giving you a wide selection of durable, beautifully-designed footwear to suit your every need.


Ariat boots


Ariat prides itself on creating advanced performance footwear for the world's top equestrian athletes, as well as stylish individuals keen to invest in stunning boots.


After decades in the industry, it is now the leading performance equestrian brand in the world - meaning it clearly knows what it's talking about when it comes to designing cowboy boots.


Driven by world class design and innovation, authenticity and creativity come together to form modern footwear suitable for every purpose and occasion.


Moving away from the traditional stiff, heavy riding boots which were hard on the feet and often uncomfortable, Ariat's ladies boots are expertly designed to fit the wearer perfectly.


With a selection of equestrian footwear types, you can choose from rustic, heritage boots made from superior full-grain leather, with spur ledges, saddle vamps and durable soles.  Take a look at the different toe styles and colours to find a design to suit you.


Alternatively, there are more colourful options available for those of you searching for an expressive pair of boots to help you really make a statement.


For the hardworking cowgirl who likes to have a little fun outside of the ranch, a vibrant blue, orange, red or pink pair or pattern could be just what you need.


Wear with skinny jeans, a denim skirt or even a checked dress to really embrace your inner cowgirl at your next party or night out.


Check out our extensive range of Ariat ladies boots to find your perfect fit.


by Theresa McCaffrey