Dress up with equestrian jewellery

Theresa McCaffrey

You've got your cowgirl boots, checked shirt, jeans and hat - but you're not quite ready yet. Don't forget about your jewellery!


Providing the perfect touch to your look, why not express a little personality with a lucky horseshoe necklace or a pair of quirky spur earrings?


At Rhinestone Clothing we have a large collection of equestrian-inspired jewellery to suit all tastes, from statement earrings to beautiful pendants. These can make great gifts for that special cowgirl in your life or a perfect present to treat yourself with.


Some designs, such as the leather cuff bracelets, can be worn throughout the day - including when you're riding or working on the ranch as they shouldn't get in the way.

Other pieces can be saved for special occasions or for those times when your outfit needs a touch of something sparkly to really set it off.




Easy-to-wear and impeccably stylish there are a number of gorgeous bracelet designs to choose from.


They include homemade jewellery designed by Cowgirls for a Cause and commissioned by jewellery artisan Lisa Rammell. Creating natural leather buckle bracelets featuring inscriptions, they offer a really personal way of accessorising your look.


There are many horse-inspired bracelets made from delicate chains, featuring equestrian motifs and charms, as well as lucky horseshoes.


Ahead of a riding competition or cowgirl event why not spur your friends and family on by presenting them with a special horseshoe bracelet?



Wearing earrings can instantly dress up any outfit, even if you just choose a cute pair of silver studs or a delicate dangly design.


Rhinestone Clothing boasts a wide selection of stud earrings, featuring horse charms, horseshoes and even rosettes - bringing you luck in your next big riding contest.


Butterfly studs are a great practical option, as they are easy to wear and complement a range of hairstyles. Draw attention to your sparkling studs by wearing your hair tied back into a ponytail swept to one side in a long plait. Make sure to take off your cowgirl hat so that people can really appreciate your stunning earrings.




When accessorising your look you can coordinate different equestrian-themed jewellery designs together to really embrace the cowgirl style.


Alternatively it can look just as striking to choose a smaller piece to complement your overall look without detracting from it.

A silver or gold pendant worn around your neck will offer a subtle shine and help to decorate your outfit at the same time. Think of it as your finishing touch and pick a stunning design which you can really treasure.


Rhinestone Clothing has gorgeous horseshoe and stirrup pendants - some with added crystal details - which could really set off your look and introduce a sophisticated undertone to your wardrobe.


Jewellery is all about personality so go with your gut and choose pieces which really reflect you and your individual style.


by Theresa McCaffrey