Look Cool. Keep Warm. Wear Tweed.

Theresa McCaffrey

Tweed isn't necessarily the kind of look I would normally go for here at Rhinestone, but I do love things that are little bit different.  So when I came across LiBErty FREEdom I couldn't help but fall in love their with daring style.  They take a traditional look and make it modern and still the clothes exude quality, style and class, how could I not have them in our range!

 There are lots of stylish ways to wear these garments, tweed and denim look amazing together and of course tweed and jodpurs are old friends.



Unfortunately despite my best attempts I can't get tweed and western boots to work together, I'll let you know if I have a moment of inspiration and find a style of western boots that will create a new fusion of styles.  Until then, tweed and quilted jackets look amazing with equestrian style long boots, fashion or function riding boots.  I also love them with wellies, it screams 'I am a classy country gal'.

I hope you enjoy our new collection as much as I have enjoyed working with LiBErty FREEdom to choose the styles we have in store for you.

This jacket is my particular favourite as I personally selected the colour combination, admittedly I had driven several hours to Manchester on the hottest day of the year and then climbed goodness knows how many stairs before I finally found UPeNDeR in his studio but despite the heat exhaustion when I selected these colours I think it looks great!

The 5 jackets in this colour are the only ones in whole wide world! If you like things that are rare and beautiful you'd better act fast, these jackets are endangered - in danger of selling out that is and once they are gone they really are gone...


Quilted Country Jacket


by Theresa McCaffrey