6 Christmas Ideas for the man in your life

Theresa McCaffrey

I know, most of us don't want to think about Christmas shopping just yet and I hate to be the one to tell you that it's only a few weeks away!

So here's some inspiration for the man in your life, you know the one that tags along to all the horse shows with you and listens to your friends talk endlessly about their horses.   



Number One:  How about this brilliant wallet, holds his cash and is ready to open a bottle of beer at a moments notice.  It's different and it's manly, he'll know you've put lots of thought into this gift.

Number Two:  A very close second, this one doesn't have the quirk of also being bottle opener.  It is however Carhartt tuff.

Both One & Two come in tin display boxes, which make them great to wrap as a gift.

Number Three:  Still on a Carhartt theme here, a good Carhartt tuff belt, you can't go far wrong with this as gift.  Not suitable for teenagers who like those weird falling down jeans!  This belt is for real men.

Number Four:  Hmmm still on Carhartt, it's because I like it so much - rugged, manly where's the bad?!  Anyhow, one stripey Watch Hat.  It looks good and it pulls down over your ears and stays there (I mean his ears, because you wouldn't 'borrow' this - its for him remember!)

Number Five:  Ariat... ahhh love Ariat style and Tek.  Number five is full of clever tek to keep him warm, dry, comfy and stylish.  Just a great gift.

Number Six:  Another great from Ariat, the waterproof stable jacket.  More tek to make sure he is warm and dry and available in Blue or Black.

You can't possibly still be stuck for ideas!