Equestrian Passion & Fashion

Don't you hate it when you turn up somewhere and meet someone else wearing the exact same thing!?

Do you also cringe sometimes when you think maybe your riding clothes make you look a bit like you are going to a fancy dress party?

Me too.

I am no fashionista; I rarely get manicures, I don't spray myself umpa lumpa orange, I don't wear 7" heels (well, I sometimes wear heels and then spend the evening complaining about them!),  but I do know what I want from fashion!  I want to feel comfortable, confident and have a style I can call my own... 

Rhinestone was founded on these desires.

Life's too short to wear boring clothes


Theresa - Founder, Rhinestone Clothing



Rhinestone Clothing - Our Story

2003 ‘ish – Love Riding, Love Western Riding

I discovered Western riding and decided that I wanted an American Quarter Horse and I wanted to compete in western riding events.. yay, however after I discovered a love for Western riding and Quarter Horses I was horrified when I saw the show clothing that was available in the UK, really horrified!

After a little research I discovered Hobby Horse Clothing Company in the USA, while it was still a shock to the system going from jodhpurs and jackets to sparkly tops, at least with Hobby Horse I knew the trends were current and there was a wide variety of choice for different tastes and budgets.

2006 – Rhinestone is Born

Initially we started out concentrating on Western show clothing and Western boots, we started with Hobby Horse for show clothing and Ariat for boots and have never looked back.

In case you are wondering who makes up 'we', I have by this time roped my husband into the equestrian lifestyle.  He can colour match saddle pads and show outfits with the best of em', who knew!

2008 – Must fix the hat situation!

We had show clothing and boots sorted but hats were letting all of us on the show circuit down, they were bad, very bad!  So we flew Trent Johnson, owner of Greeley Hat Works, over along with a selection of his hats.  You won’t find any dodgy wool hats in our store and Trent regularly visits the UK to take care of your hat needs, keep an eye on our blog or Facebook page for more info.

2009 - Casual Equestrian Clothing

At this point in our story we have you covered for the show ring, but what about outside the ring?  We first identified Old Sorrel Western Sports Apparel (OSWSA) as a leading Western clothing manufacturer here in Europe, they have a range of innovative designs in high quality materials which have been a hit ever since we first introduced the range to the UK.

Then we discovered Longhorn Jeans, classic, simple and understated which is why they continue to be a firm favourite with our customers.   

2010 - A showroom... yes please!

In 2010 an up and coming western fashion brand caught our eye, Cowgirl Tuff, we knew their jeans, t-shirts and sweaters would be perfect for our UK customers.

We were also very excited to open our showroom at Horse Creek Farm (HCF).  HCF hosts a number of equestrian events both Western and English and we love having our show room permanently there so we can open for any event that takes place at this fantastic and friendly equestrian venue.

We also added Cowgirls for a Cause to our collection, not only do we love the clothing we love their ethos... you can read more about them in our blog. Cowgirls for a Cause has also allowed us to include a range of clothes that is appealing what ever discipline you take part in, they also have designs for show jumping and dressage. 

2013 - That’s our story so far…

This year we have added Falabella jewellery, this spectacular jewellery range is perfect for all horse lovers.

As we grow we want to increase our range to appeal to a wider equestrian community, in doing so we still want to make sure that our brands have something unique and exciting to offer.  To this end we now have a range of Jackets by liBErty FREEdom, a British designer and manufacturer.  They take tradition materials and give them a truly individual edge. 

We continue to look for new designs so that you can look amazing while doing the things you love; if you're one of our customers that most probably involves horses!