Ariat® Turquoise Stretch Jeans


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**Last pair - 33 Short (UK16 / Length 31")**

These are contemporary jeans with a classic appeal. Although they are designed to be worn over boots for equestrian lovers they can easily be converted to adapt to high-heels given their sleek line and slight flare. Because of their high quality and fashionable look and feel they will serve well as convertible jeans that can be worn at the stables, taken for dinner and out dancing in the evening. 

With a slight stretch in the fabric, they produce a comfortable fit that hugs the body in just the right places. The stretch, along with the mid-rise waist lets the wearer sit, ride and move with ease without them digging in or having to constantly readjust.

The fabric is perfectly hand sanded in what are known as wear areas; on the front thighs and the rear buttocks and calf, giving them a warm lived in look right away. As well, strategic whiskers and a light touch on the distressed look round out the fabric perfectly. Triple, traditional sand stitching on the inside seams, across the hips at the back and following through the back side from the front zipper adds a unique look for the eye to follow. The triple stitching also ensures, of course, that they last a long time when riding or working the stables.  The same heavy stitch is carried onto the pockets with a western designed stylised 'A' shape.

Available in a range of sizes and lengths these slight-stretch jeans are suited for those who are built slim through the thighs and hips. The flat pockets round out the look by providing a silhouette that is very sexy on the curves and practical at the same time.  


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