Brocade Trim Military Tweed Jacket

Liberty Freedom

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This stunning Brocade Trim Military Tweed Jacket is designed by premium fashion designers, LiBErty FREEdom. These designers took an old English classic and transformed it into a remarkable fashion statement. True to the classic, each jacket is adorned with detailed epaulettes on the shoulders and a removable storm collar across the neck, along with gorgeous tails and cuffs for added style. While the jacket is a four-button down crossover, it also includes an interior zipper for added protection against various weather elements.

Each jacket is designed with the perfect contrasting tweed and brocade colors, like this Mosside tweed with pink brocade trim. This gorgeous jacket is designed to fit perfectly and feel great as you are wearing it. LiBErty FREEdom caters to those who want to stand out in a crowd, and this impressive jacket is sure to please. As with all their great clothing, the Brocade Trim Military Tweed Jacket is manufactured locally using all local materials.



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