Turquoise Sunset Spitfire


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**Last pair 32S (UK14/16 / Length 31")**

Dozens of subtle details combine to make the Turquoise Sunset Spitfire Jeans a slick addition to any wardrobe. The turquoise sunset is clearly visible on the black streaked turquoise stone that that serves as a main button. Smaller turquoises also replace rivets on the front right change pocket and on both rear pockets. Those rear stones serve as the heads of stylized white phoenix designs that practically pop off the denim, dynamically decorating the rear of the jeans.

Returning to the front, a light fade starts at the upper thighs of these skinny jeans and continues down just past the knees. The rich blue returns dramatically all the way down to the gently flaring cuffs. Finally, the entire picture is framed with snow white stitching that runs along the cuffs, inseam, waistline, pockets, and zipper.

These jeans truly live up to the moniker of 'spitfire'. While they look rugged enough to be used as work jeans, the vibrant lines and turquoise decorations give these jeans a sense of sophistication. The Turquoise Sunset Spitfire Jeans are just the right combination of comfortable and dazzling to be the ideal jeans to wear to a southern square dance or a night out hitting the bars and clubs with friends.


Short: 31"

Regular: 33"

Long: 35"

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